• PCOS healing, conception, and holistic reproductive repair
  • Natural endometriosis and menopause management 
  • Natural healing for common illnesses and ailments
  • Journey to zero & low waste living, and lowering toxic home exposures
  • Alternative parenting and liberated learner (homeschool) guidance
  • Vaccination alternatives and vaccine detox


  • 1 hour initial session- $100
  • 45 min initial session- $85
  • 30 min follow-up session- $50
  • 15 min follow-up session- $30
  • Email Fertility Strategy- $95 Intake with customized PDF plan
  • International pricing is adjusted for cost of living

At Home Intrauterine & Donor Insemination

For more information on this service, click here.  Investment is as follows:
  • In-office fertility and pre-conception counseling (optional) $125
  • In-home fertility and pre-conception counseling (optional) $150
  • Hour-long phone consultation $75/hr
  • IUI alone using pre-washed frozen sperm- $300*
  • IUI with fresh donor washing- $400*
  • Second IUI wash per event, if desired- $100
  • ICI with frozen or fresh semen- $250*
  • Ultrasound for follicle study- $200 per scan

* $50 cash only discount if paid at time of service. For home insemination, add $25 to all prices for gas. All costs for ovulation testing kits, pregnancy tests, fertility labwork (optional), and medications, if needed, are extra.

Unhindered Pregnancy, Birth, and Lactation

Visit Midwife at Your Doorstep for information on freebirth consultation, attendance, support, as well as complete midwifery care for those preferring the most unhindered homebirth experience.  Khadijah is a traditional midwife who has been supporting mothers through their pregnancy and birth journeys for nearly two decades.  Living near the border of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and also a close drive to southern Maine, she covers a wide geographical area with both freebirth and homebirth services.  She supports mostly  families with unconventional mindset seeking a high degree of autonomy and freedom in their care.

“The road we travel in birth has the power to radically transform and promote inner growth, both as individuals, in our relationship with God and our partner, and in the bond we make with our blessed babies. My goal as your midwife is to be a gentle guide who seeks to be aligned with each mother, letting her make her own choices based on evidence to the best of my ability. My parents are not merely my clients, but become a piece of my family, forever bonded through our experiences together.” 

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