"You are worthy of respect, love, healing, and peace of body, mind, and spirit. It is my honor to guide you on this restorative journey."

Khadijah Cisse is a holistic traditional midwife and mother of 7.  Her journey into the world of fertility began at the age of 19 when, after 4 years of amenorrhea, she was told by doctors that she was menopausal and would never be likely to conceive a child.  Being passionate about becoming a mother, she decided to begin trying to conceive using a known donor.  After 2 years and many months of conventional fertility treatments, she conceived her first child.  Two more pregnancies followed by replicating the medicated approach.

It was a few years later that she realized the heavy toll the toxic fertility medications had on her body.  Worse yet, her underlying reproductive issues persisted, leaving her at risk for other serious health conditions throughout the body.  By this time, she had become a holistic midwife and so her passion for finding natural solutions to her health challenges and that of her clients was growing.

Khadijah went on to have several more healthy pregnancies with a new partner that were naturally and easily conceived using dietary and herbal methods, in addition to numerous miscarriages in the earlier years of her childbearing.  The thrill of learning to master achieving full reproductive function in the body was a blessing that she  has since been sharing with mothers around the world.